About Me

I'm a PhD student in the Centre for Advanced Robotics at Queen Mary University of London. My main research interest is how haptic feedback can be used to provide safety critical information to operators of mobile robots in difficult environments, though I also have active projects in haptics for the visually impaired and Animal-Robot Interaction.


Research Interests

Soft Haptics

The first phase of my PhD research concerns the design and development of a novel haptic interface based on principles and methods borrowed from Soft Robotics. Read more...

2018 - present

Queen Mary University of London

PhD in Interactive Robotics


The second phase of my PhD research will apply my developments in soft haptics to the problem of real-time control of mobile robots operating in extreme environments.

Haptics for the Visually Impaired

I am actively involved in a continuation of my Master's degree research which involved the development of an innovative tactile display and its applications in assistive devices. Read more...

Physical Animal-Robot Interaction

I am currently a part-time research assistant in the Animal Cognition group at Queen Mary University of London working in Animal-Robot Interaction. Read more...

2014 - 2018

Imperial College London

MEng Electronic and Information Engineering

Teaching Assistant

2018 - present

Queen Mary University of London

Skills for Electronic Engineering

Skills for Robotics Engineering

Aspects of Robotics

Interaction Design

Software Engineering Project

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