MRI Christmas Symposium Best Poster

The Materials Research Institute is an interdisciplinary research forum bringing together materials science research from six different schools at Queen Mary University of London. I was offered the opportunity to present a poster on the particle jamming aspect of my PhD research at their Christmas Symposium at the end of 2019 and was deeply honored to recieve an award for the best poster.

IEEE Innovation in Haptics Prize

The IEEE Innovation in Haptics Prize is awarded to early career researchers pursuing an innovative research project in the field of Haptics. The award is made by the IEEE RAS Techical Committee on Haptics (TCH) and provides equipment funding to support the project for up to 1 year. I recieved the award to support the first phase of my PhD research into soft haptic devices for telerobotics.

Eric Laithwaite Prize​

The Eric Laithwaite Prize is awarded annually to a final year student in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London who has shown 'outstanding innovation' in the final year project. My project involved the development of an advanced tactile display for the visually impaired. I am actively continuing this project alongside my PhD. More information is available here...

Arkwright Engineering Scholarship​

An award given to "future leaders in engineering and related areas of design". The scholarship is awarded following a rigorous selection process that includes taking references, a design based aptitude exam and a formal interview. I was selected for a scholarship sponsored by Rolls-Royce Plc. and received financial support for my A level engineering projects and an opportunity to shadow engineers at Rolls-Royce's world class headquarters in Derby, UK.

Bloodhound SSC Award​


The Bloodhound SSC Award for Excellence in Engineering was awarded to me at the end of my secondary school career in recognition of the many extra-curricular projects I undertook in Engineering fields. The award was presented by Jo Finch, Education Ambassador for the Bloodhound land speed record team.

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